butterLONDON – West End Wonderland

Well, well, well…here we are again.  Oh, Butter London, I just can’t quit you…  I’m going to keep using you until I love you, dammit!  Truthfully, I’m almost there, at $8.00 or less, anyway.  I got this one in a Holiday two-pack that was half off the regular price and then I got 50% off of that.  Butter London at $3.75 a bottle?  Yes, please!

West End Wonderland is a light gold glitter in a clear base.  I’m not really a fan of gold in general and gold nail lacquer even less.  But this always looks so tempting that it’s been on my “maybe” list for several years.  When the aforementioned deal came up (the other one in the pack was Come to Bed Red, which is another one that’s been on that list for a while). I finally took the plunge.

And I’m glad I did.  It looks pretty dark on the BL site, but in person it’s much lighter and brighter and even has a sprinkling of sparkly copper and pink!

West end wonderland


Here’s another shot to show how delicate it looks when it’s in the light:

West end wonderland1

Like most clear glitters, it goes on quite sheer.  In fact, I think that a light coat of this would be a great topper to a creme underneath.  Unlike a lot of clear glitters, it was perfectly opaque after three coats. It also came off really easy, not just swipe, wipe like with a creme, but it didn’t require soaking, either.  Also like most glitters, it wasn’t perfectly smooth but just one coat of Seche Vite fixed it up nicely and, since I always finish with the SV, it wasn’t even an extra step.

Will I wear this all the time?  No, because even though it exceeded my expectations I’m still not a real fan of gold glitter.  Will I wear it again?  Yes, it’s easy to apply and easy to remove.  I might even try it as a topper for some sort of holiday manicure come December.


10 thoughts on “butterLONDON – West End Wonderland

    • This one is pretty subdued, as far as glitters go. You might like All Hail the Queen, it’s more of a beige sparkle, more like a glass fleck than a glitter. I’ll try to remember to put that on the list to do soon so you can check it out. I just finished a fresh manicure or I’d do it tonight.

      Tomorrow morning I’m watching my baby niece, so I’m going to see if I can get some pictures uploaded from my laptop in the peaceful time before she wakes up when I’m at loose ends. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one more BL in that batch!

  1. Do you store your bottles any special way to make them last longer? I’ve got a couple of colors that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (Yes, I’m talking to YOU, OPI Deer Valley Spice) and want to hold on to them as long as possible.

      • I’ve never heard that, the only polish I ever kept in there was a bottle of clear back in the dark ages when I wore hosiery. So, I googled it….

        The first hit says put your polish in the refrigerator, it keeps the solvents from thickening. The second hit says NEVER put your polish in the refrigerator, because it will make it thicken more. So, who knows? I thought the latter before I looked it up, so I’m going with that.

        It’s a moot point for me, anyway. If I put all my polish in the icebox, I wouldn’t have room for anything else!

    • You should always store your bottles upright, but that’s mostly to keep the brush submerged so parts of it don’t dry and ruin the whole thing. It’s also tougher to mix back together if the pigment has started to separate.

      The only line that I have consistent problems with it separating is China Glaze, but they have mixing balls, so a few minutes of good, hard shaking mixes it back nicely. The only OPIs I have that separate are white based cremes, like Gargantuan Green Grape. It’s actually kind of neat, the color on top looks like syrup on ice cream.

      The only OPI I’ve had get goopy or dried out are in mini bottles. But if your polish does get thick, DON’T use acetone or polish remover! Use polish thinner (an 8 oz bottle is like 1.97 at Sally and will last forever) or, if you want to go fancy, Seche Restore.

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