And Now, Something You’ll Really Like…

I promise to get back to the Quest after Christmas, but here’s a change of pace….

Personal friend and the blogger of Evil Squirrel’s Nest here on Word Press recently had a Holiday Card Promo.  I would call it a contest but, since all I had to do to win was yell “gimme!”, the Rules and Conditions were rather loose.

ES, as he’s known here at WP, runs a great blog full of his cartoon art work featuring his universe of anthropomorphic animals of all types.  It’s blossomed and matured over the years into a full-fledged and rather detailed universe filled with the creatures that come from his disturbed brain into his mouse.  That’s right, he draws them on the computer with. a. MOUSE!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  He also posts opinions on such subjects as big box store muzak, old commercials and whatever else strikes his off-kilter fancy.  And a weekly comic to boot!

So, if you’re still reading this, why aren’t you over there already checking it out?  He also has a fab Cafe Press store where you can get all the groovy swag you can handle.  I’m not just a person of exquisite taste and refinement, I’m also a customer…

When you’ve finished placing your holiday orders at the ESN, come back to read about the Holiday Card Promo!  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

You’re back?  Great!  Whaddya get?  Do yourself a favour and go back and grab a mousepad.  It’s a nice, thick quality mousepad personally endorsed by me…ha!

Okay, okay, promo contest.  ES sent out 20 cards each featuring a hand drawn character from the ES world.  Each card had a different character and he shuffled the cards and put them into the envelopes randomly (or so he says….). As people receive them in the post, they will make an entry on their blogs showing a picture of the card they receive, and maybe a few words about it.  Or maybe a few more than a few words, not that I would have any experience talking too much…

2014 Holiday Cards

Go to the link above to see all of the characters (but not the card picture) with a brief explanation of who is who along with a list of the 20 bloggers who will be receiving them.  As they come in, ES will be matching up the bloggers and characters with a link to all of their posts.  So not only can you see all the cards, but also have a chance to check out some blogs you might like!

And, to make a long story not quite as long, here’s mine!  While I didn’t get an ace or king, I did get what I think is probably one of the more coveted ones and definitely in the major arcana.

Check out the Queen of Hearts, MBRS!! (click on the pictures to get a bigger and sharper version that shows the details)


MBRS is one of the oldest characters in the ES-verse and somewhat of the town pump.  It supposedly stands for Miss Beautiful Red Squirrel, but I’ve always thought of the R as standing for Rhonda because she reminds me of Rhonda Fleming.  Not that I’m old enough to know who that is….

I also promised him that I’d try to get the Supermodel of the World, my cat Fantine, to pose with the card.  If I could, because she doesn’t get out of bed for less than…. well, for nothing less than if she damn well pleases!

Fortunately, Fanny loved it!  I hereby present a triptych that tells a story all its own….

What the french is this nonsense and why are you disturbing me?  I didn’t call for you!


Well, now that I look at it, it’s not too bad.  The line work is nice and crisp and the colour detail in the fire is superb…


I think I’m in love!


Yep. everybody wants to make out with MBRS.  I told you she was a roundheels…..

Thanks for the card, ES and Feliz Navidad!!!!1