About the Quest

I love nail polish.

I mean really, really love nail polish!  I love buying it, I love looking at it, I love wearing….. well, I love wearing the same colors over and over.

So why buy more nail polish that I don’t wear?  Because I like the idea of wearing it.  There’s potential in every bottle.  But that potential is unrealized until I release it and send it out in the world, preferably on my nails.

And so, the quest is born.  A quest to use every polish I own.  Not just open it, paint a swatch stick or even swatch it on my nails.  That means an actual manicure, worn for at least a couple of days.  With an accompanying blog post, photo of said manicure and a brief review.

There’s no particular order planned, just whatever strikes my fancy.  I have a few that I’m not sure I like, they were in a set or not what I expected, so I might end up selling them.  Those I’ll put to the side until I’ve made a decision on them, but that’s a small drop in the lake that is my nail polish collection.

The My Collection pages list every polish I own by name, sorted by brand.  As I post each review, I’m turning the polish name into a link that will go directly to that review.

Let the quest begin!








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