What are “mannequin hands”?

You get mannequin hands when you wear a nude or neutral color that’s very close to your flesh tone.  Your nails sort of ‘disappear’ and you get the look of a mannequin hand, all the same color clear to the fingertips.

This was really popular some years ago but, like all trends, it waxes and wanes.  Nudes will never really go away, since a lot of people are really restricted on what they can do with their nails regarding the workplace.  And  I suppose a lot of people are like me, wearing a nude when the nails are finally so catastrophic that you have to cut them all down and start over.  It takes the attention focus off the nails themselves, but still leaves a clean, fresh look.

What is “VNL”?

Visible nail lines, or VNL, is when you can see through your polish the line where your nail bed stops and the free edge begins.  Sometimes it’s a sheer polish and that’s the intention and sometimes a color just isn’t opaque enough and you can see the demarcation.


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